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Right here and right now, let’s improve the quality of your life! In the comfort of your own home, we have access to so many excellent opportunities like never before. Not only with technology, but using technology to our advantage to find the exact person we feel most comfortable with to become the strongest and healthiest versions of ourselves.


I’ve set up my zoom workouts to be seamless to follow and easy to join! All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat! Of course, the more equipment you have, the better the experience but you can get in the best shape of your life with minimal equipment.


I offer you a free week (4 workout sessions) to see if we’re compatible…I want us both to be totally comfortable once we decide to move forward.


There isn't a price we can put on our health. Unfortunately many people don’t find that out until it's too late. If we stay ready, we don’t have to get ready! If we proactively focus on our health and fitness, we can cut many medical issues off at the pass by living a healthy lifestyle. 


Many people have benefitted from my zoom classes and have found it to be very effective, efficient and a great time! 


Check out our client Testimonials

Features & Benefits:

  • Build Confidence in this

  • Supportive & Friendly Environment

  •  Your Very Own Personal Trainer!

  • “Real-Time” form feedback

  • “Real-Time” Safety Supervision

  • Train with a group of “like-minded” people

  • Become part of the JS Fitness Community

  • Get support from me and others in the class

  • Access previous workout in Private FB Group Library

  • You'll Get Motivation

  • You'll Get Accountability

  • Get Recognized for the hard work you do

Equipment Must Haves:

  • Dumbbells

  • Yoga Mat

  • Resistance Bands

Equipment “Wish List” :

  • Bench

  • Curl Bar

  • Weight Plates

  • 12-Inch Plyo Box

  • Punching Bag

What My Clients are Saying

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Start Your Free Trial Now!
No Credit Card is Needed.

Frequently Asked Question

How do zoom sessions work?

You login to zoom, click on the workout meeting link and join me in the workout. Its that simple.

What if I can't do exercise due to an injury?

Before you join my zoom workouts, in the sign up process you’ll fill out consent forms and list any

If I miss a zoom workout class, can I still see it later?

Yes, when you become a part of my zoom workouts, I add you to my private facebook group and record the workouts there and you can go back and see any previous workout at your convenience.

Do I need to buy my own gym equipment?

The minimum you need is a pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat. However, if you want to maximize your workouts, I suggest a lighter pair of dumbbells and a medium/heavier set of dumbbells. Also, I suggest a bench. A bench is not absolutely necessary but it will add more options to your training sessions.

Start Your Free Trial Now!
No Credit Card is Needed.


Reach Your Fitness Goals in 3 Easy Steps


1. Get Your JSF

Game Plan


• Goals

• Nutrition

• Workouts


2. Train Hard & Follow The Game Plan


• Motivation

• Accountability


3. Trust The Process & Crush Your Goals


• Result

Basic Package

$199(Per Month)

*3 live workouts per week

(12 workouts per month)

*Private FB Group Library

of Previous Workouts


Premium Package

$299(Per Month)

*Up to 5 live workouts per week

(20 workouts per month)

*Trackable Customized Meal Plan


*JS Fitness App

*JS Fitness Private FB Group Library

of Previous Workouts


Start Your Free Trial Now!
No Credit Card is Needed.

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